These are the people who, either directly or indirectly, have helped out or been involved with this site or some past, present or future projects.

Jason L. Terry Pin Cushion
Joshua "Mongo" Nyhus ARX Guru (Whoopee cushion)
Mike "Capitan Switch" Vivaldi ARX Guru
Brady "Crockett" Duros ARX Guru
Austin "Firestorm" Gardner Beta Tester & Scenery Design
Andy "Morti" Mortimer Beta Tester
 Andi Jaya Concept Artist
Joey Fedorchik Scenery design
Antonio Maia Space architect
Pete Daly (hosting)
Jeremy King review writer/ASU Zlins
Mikko "Air Zoom" Maliniemi numerous aerobatics
Owen Hewitt numerous aerobatics
Alex "AWOL" Wolski numerous aerobatics
Nathan Rayl originator of AFC1
Joseph "Griff" Thompson Concept design
Chuck Dome excellent gauge utilities