These were the days before Windows Movie Maker, before Youtube, and before anyone really messed with making movies of Flightsim. On all of these files, Hypercam was used for capturing the raw video, and a program called Video Framer was used for producing the final movie. Because of this, they aren't as high visual quality, or as good of audio quality as the rest of the "youtube" style movies on this site. They are also of relatively short run time and therefore lacking in any real themes or overarching plots and therefore belong in a section all their own.

Dark Eagle 3 Promo - August 2001
Runtime 2:00

The first promo of the very last ARX plane created with Aircraft Factory 99 - The Dark Eagle III


Dark Eagle 3 Night Show - April 2002
Runtime 3:30

The DK3 flies again, this time at night, and with early experiments of the pyrotechnics that would end up on the Coyote.


AeroACTION - July 2002
Runtime 2:29

A basic mashup of all sorts of aerobatic planes, mostly in FS2000. Look for the ARX-5A at the end.


AeroACTION II - August 2002
Runtime 3:10

Another aerobatic compilation....because I didn't have enough fun making the first one. And I wanted to show off the new "Coyote" project in FS2002.


The following movies were made with a different style. I realized a subtle trick to making a decent FS movie - I've used it on every movie since and I don't notice many people doing it. Unfortunately, I was still using the same old tools to make these movies. But the "storytelling" cinematic quality is slightly better on these two. They're still too short, but no more mashups!

Battle of the Airlines 2003 - December 2002
Runtime 3:07

In this video, are the origins of the SV-1 spacecraft for Orbiter Space Sim, but this is FS2002! See it, as well as an early SR-75 and LV-107 in their original formats in this promo created for Battle of the Airlines 2003.


Coyote X 2003 Promo - May 2003
Runtime 2:10

The last old timey video of the first ARX plane created with FSDS - The ARX-5X at Oshkosh!

Clips of this video were used later in the 2011 movie
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