Alice Springs, Northern Territory - Australia.
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The land down under...

Australis OC 2014 for FSX -- 28Mb

Australis is a joint private/military operations center and occasionally some prototype aircraft testing. It's official purpose is military missions in the far east of the globe. It acts very much the same as a normal AFB except that it is outside the US boundaries, and exists near another US installation not far away.  It's unofficial second purpose is acquisition of foreign aircraft and their technology - Russian and Chinese-built aircraft are trafficked through here! It also doubles as a spaceport, and has SV-Class shuttle recovery facilities similar to the ones in Echo Canyon, Borealis, and Maraca Island. It's sister base is Borealis OC.

Flogger assimilation - 2013

Flogger evaluation - 2013

Australis Operations Ctr.

Name Australis OC
Ident YARX
Nicknames Basecamp F
Location Alice Springs, Australia
Introduced FSX
First release FSX
Current version FSX
Focus Far east military operations
  Foreign aircraft research
  Auxiliary space landings



Project Credits
Austin Gardner
Mike Vivaldi

Various macros
Jason L. Terry

Aircraft Macros
Guy Diotte

Beta Testers










Australis began as Basecamp "Foxtrot" in 2011 by Mike Vivaldi. It was originally created as an alternate landing site for both the Aurora Project and for Orbiter space missions, and early on consisted of simply a runway and a fuel truck and a crane for lifting the shuttle onto its carrier.

"Basecamp Foxtrot" 2011

In 2012 the base grew more complex and turned into a full base of operations, and began to mirror what Josh had done with Borealis OC. Since all the other sceneries we've done as a group were all so far away, we decided to make an operations center in this part of the world, so Australis was born.

Australis OC - 2012


In 2013 Austin Gardner of Firestorm Aerobatics joined the project and finished the base completely with the addition of base housing, a hydroelectric power plant and added his own inputs. It's also his first released scenery project. At his suggestion, an RAAF Bell 206 was added to the Bell Camo Package released here.

Action Air 32 at home at YARX - 2013

SV-3 Intrepid at YARX, 2014



Australis OC 2014 for FSX -- 28Mb


Airport Information

YARX (elevation 2107 ft.)
Variation: 5E
Designated Helipads: 1
Runway 8/26: 13,000 ft. x 150 ft. (concrete)

Aircraft capability: any/all

Communications Frequencies
ATIS: 118.00
Tower: 118.20
Ground: 121.10

Navigation Frequencies
ILS Rwy 8 - IASA: 110.10
ILS Rwy 26 - IBCF: 111.10
VOR YARX: 108.20

Instrument Approach:

Eventually Australis, along with Borealis, Echo Canyon, and Maraca will be available in some capacity as content for the orbiter space sim...

SV-3 Intrepid over Australis - Orbiter Space Sim 2014

Current Projects
SV Class Shuttles - Being developed here, for Orbiter.
KC-10 for FSX.
Mig-27 Exploitation for FSX.


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