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Joshua Nyhus
Paint Scheme for FSX
(Originally unreleased for FS9)


The Legendary "Big Bertha" DC-3 is the pirate ship of Malibu. No one knows where she came from or what her serial number is or even a tail number, in fact she might even be a stolen aircraft! But for certain, she has had many captains, and has been many places in her previous service life. That was before she crossed paths with an eccentric gentleman from Texas with a penchant for flying low and dangerous, and always landing her on extremely short runways that shouldn't be able to accomodate her. Somehow she always manages to miraculously come to a halt before the runway runs out. She is based at the Aeroworks Malibu Motorsports airpark in California, and one day she was borrowed by Josh "Mongo" Nyhus, given nose art, and christened "Big Bertha" and a Texas flag on the tail in honor of her new life, and the crazy experiences she's had under her new captain. If you hear something loud and slow slipping through the trees,'s probably Bertha! She's been around since FS2004, but for some reason we just never considered releasing her.

Douglas DC-3 "Big Bertha" For FSX 1.88MB


  • [registration unknown]
    • First flight: unknown
    • Acquisition date: sometime in 2005
    • Release date: 7-15-12
    • Only available on this website.


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