Malibu, California - United States.

A home in the hills...

Malibu is our second flight center, and to date the most frequently released - with 4 versions spanning FS2000, 2002, 2004 and recently FSX.

Ever since I started flightsimming, I always wanted a mountaintop airport, preferably one with a tricky approach,...but the limits of terrain mesh in FS5 and FS98 (i.e. - there was no mesh!) made it so impossible that it wasn't even worth considering. Since mountains were basically scenery objects, there was no way to even think about doing such a project. Until along came FS2000, which used a mesh that was globally landable,...and more importantly, could be manipulated...

Dirt-ramped Malibu, 2000.

Malibu's original airport, called Flight Center 2 (identifier AFC2) is the west coast civilian flight test airport for most of our general aviation creations, however in version 3 during FS2004 it transformed into a resort as well. The second airport (introduced in version 2 for FS2002), is a "Recreational Airpark" which we call Malibu MotorSports (identifier CA99) and could be more accurately described as a vehicular playground than an airport. MMS is where we build, modify and test high performance sport aviation aircraft such as the ARX-5 and ARX-6 series, as well as floatplanes and speedboats, yachts, and various other things of a Go-fast nature.. Both AFC2 and CA99 have been included in the Malibu download package since FS2002.

The Flight Center hasn’t changed too much from FS9, but the first thing returning simmers are likely to notice is the new hangars, which are all new macros of our own making. There is also a new operations building/firestation, and perhaps most obvious – a new hotel! We also added some environment mapping on the pool so it is a bit more reflective than what was possible in FS9. There are also fountains in the pool that didn’t get to make it into version 3, now they are here in FSX! AFC2 has a 4000ft runway and has always been able to support aircraft such as a fairly light-load 737, if only just. This along with a DC-9, is the largest aircraft we routinely fly in and out of here, and the airport now has a new ramp specifically for larger jet traffic with pushback tugs, and baggage loaders.


Name Flight Center II
Ident AFC2
Nicknames The Hill, Facility 2
Location Malibu, California
Introduced FS2000
Current version Version 4.1 FSX
Focus Light aircraft development
Name Malibu MotorSports
Ident CA99
Location Malibu Lagoon, Ca.
Introduced Version 2
First release FS2002
Current version  FSX
Focus Sport aircraft tuning
  Water craft development
Name Practice Strip
Ident CA98
Location Camarillo, Ca.
Introduced Version 4.1
Focus Aerobatics (with box)
Name Latigo Canyon Facility
Ident CX99
Location Malibu, Ca.
Introduced Version 4 (easter egg)
Focus Helicopter development
Name Pt. Dume Heliport
Ident CX97
Location Pt. Dume, Malibu
Introduced Version 4.1
Focus Helicopter development



Project Credits
Jason L. Terry
All versions
Josh Nyhus
Various macros, Version 3 & 4)

Beta Testers
Mikko Maliniemi (Version 1)
Alex Wolski (Version 1)
Brady Duros (Versions 2 and 3)
Josh Nyhus (Versions 2, 3, and 4)
Mike Vivaldi (Versions 2, 3, and 4)
Austin Gardner (Version 4.1)


Malibu 2016
Version 4.1 FSX - 7.68MB


Major additions to the beachfront airport have been made. Almost the entire airport had to be recreated with a new scenery design tool ADE for FSX. So hopefully it will seem pretty seamless from the last version aside from the new additions. The hangars and taxiway layouts are the same, but there are more shops on the east ramp.

This complex of shops is Malibu Motor Sports (MMS) from which the airpark gets its name. This is where our ARX-5 and ARX-6 concepts were built as well as all manner of things that people like us or you might need a shop for. There are also a couple of new runup pads, as well as a fuel dock for refueling floatplanes that do not have any land capability, such as the default deHavilland Beaver. On the main ramp there is a new terminal as well as a museum with various aircraft inside it. Every aspect of shipping, boating, and floatplanes on the airport has been totally remodeled with newer or better macros. There are new buoys on the water runway, a water taxiway has been added with green buoys as well. There is now dock parking for seaplanes, like the Beaver, which cannot park on land as well as some static seaplanes parked around it as well. The wharf area is totally reworked and is driveable/landable, so you can drive your FSX cars right up to your yacht, or for whatever luxury your needs may be.

Another thing that has been added to version 4 is the factory “Test Track" where we fly our sport aircraft. It is not a standard regulation racecourse such as the redbull or reno race tracks, or our regulation track at Death Valley. The factory track is more for trying out the maneuverability of aircraft and is also a “vertical course”. Each pylon (identified by flags) is at different altitudes, and so you must constantly adjust altitude around the course as well, in contrast to most race courses where you fly an oval at roughly the same altitude. For this reason the test track is very demanding. There are also various little odds and ends here and there. We're still putting easter eggs in our FSX sceneries and this one has plenty, although they’re fairly ordinary this time around. Some will no doubt be obvious, some not so obvious, and some you will probably never find, but if you do you’ll know.



4.1 Update to Malibu 2016

New additions include more parking spots, including two new ramps. One is an overflow parking ramp near the main ramp, and the other is an airline ramp for Palm Express Airlines, a fictional "AI-airline" that operates out of AFC2. In addition there is more foliage, and access roads, as well as AFC2 being labeled on one of the hangars. There are more general aviation hangars here now, as well as Austin Gardner's "Firestorm Aerobatics" hangar where the ARX-5R model is sometimes based.  If that aircraft exists on your system, it will show up as an AI aircraft parked at his hangar.

Camarillo Practice Strip

This is an entirely new addition for 2016. It has no permanent facilities, other than a runway. There's no fuel, and parking is wherever you can find it. But it does boast it's own regulation aerobatic box, and is where all of our aerobatic planes are flight tested. If you have any of the ARX-5X planes downloaded, don't be surprised to see several of them here.

Pt.Dume Heliport

Another all new addition for 2016 is Pt. Dume Heliport. In 2009 I threw in Latigo Canyon Heliport (CX99) as an easter egg for Malibu 4.0. This time I was going to throw this one in, but I like it so much that I figured I might as well mention it. We do a lot of helicopter action around Malibu, and I noticed this spot around 2011 and decided to make a slightly larger version of a Latigo-style heliport there. Due to it's location, it's probably one of my favorite Heliports in FS. I think heliports have gotten a bad rap by MSFS, as there aren't many of them in the game. I'm slowly trying to rectify that situation with all of our sceneries...

F1 Racetrack

Also in Pt. Dume area, just to the west of it, is a temporary F1 course laid out on barges anchored just off the beach. It is coincidentally a regulation course identical to our F1 track at Death Valley. In the 2009 version, we introduced the "Factory Test Track" but that is a non-standard course, and meant for ANY type of aircraft. This is a true F1 track.



Airport Information
Malibu area Common Traffic Advisory Frequency: 122.80

AFC2 (elevation 1444 ft.)
Runway 30/12: 4000 ft. x 150 ft. (asphalt)
Variation: 13.6°E
Aircraft capability: Boeing 737 (Runway & ramp space only); Corporate Jets (Hangar space)

Instrument Approach: ILS 12 (Requires ATC radar vectors)

CA99 (elevation 3ft.)
Runway 29/11: 2000 ft. x 100 ft. (asphalt)
Runway 26/8: 10000 ft. x 300 ft. (water, marked with buoys)
Variation: 13.6°E
Aircraft capability:
Land - Douglas DC-3 – deHavilland Dash-8; hangar space available.
Sea – dock space for aircraft up to the size of a Grumman Goose, ramp and hangar space available for very large amphibians.

Instrument Approach: n/a

Toys at MMS, 2011.

Aircraft Factory 99 relics, 2002
(This is the only screenshot on this site with every AF99-built concept in the same shot)

Rare pic of the old and new - the Dark Eagle III, created with AF99, and the then-new Coyote X, created with FSDS...over Malibu Motorsports, 2002.
(This is the only pic on this site with these two planes in the same shot)





Current Projects

Past Projects
ARX-1 xStream - Developed here, FSX.
ARX-2 Tri-Star - Developed here, FS2000
ARX-3 Raptor - Developed here, FS2000.
ARX-4 Scorpion - Developed here, FS2000.
ARX-5 Coyote - Developed here, FS2002, FS2004, FSX.
ARX-6 Roadrunner
- Developed here FS2004, FSX.
Dark Eagle III - Developed here, FS2000.

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