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The Malibu Motorsports Baron is modified from the default Baron to be an avionics testbed for reciprocating piston engine aircraft flight instruments. In addition to being a test plane for various gauges and flight systems, it is also used very often as an air-to-air phototography, and chase aircraft. It is based at the Malibu Motorsports Airpark (CA99) and is represented here with a basic default panel.

It's basically the plain white Baron from FSX, and I used it so much creating fsx gauges for the ARX-5 Concept before that plane's new FSX model was useable, that the Baron sort of grew on me. It's one of the planes we use behind the scenes now and then. It's not a big deal, just something I thought we should make public for those who are interested in default repaints.

Beechcraft Be-58 Baron "Malibu Minstrel" For FSX 4.6MB


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  • N58AT
    • First flight: 10-12-08
    • Release date: 7-15-12
    • Only available on this website.


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