Aeroworks Technologies was formed as Red Ace Aeroworks in 1999 by Jason Terry.  It began as an aeronautical workshop, for tweaking files and performance and all-around tinkering of FS98 and served as a working name for releases on our first website Red Ace's Hangar.

Since 1999 the goal of Aeroworks is simply to provide simmers with quality downloads of unique aircraft & sceneries as well as a popular place for all those who like to do things different and just generally live outside the box, like us.  It was formed by real aviation enthusiasts and pilots, who are also avid flightsim hobbyists. We're also a damned eccentric bunch! We take flying very seriously and some of us are pilots, but we generally try not to take ourselves too seriously and tend to do most things with a healthy dose of humor. You will see a good bit of that on this site!

We never intended for this site to be a file repository of everyone's work within the flightsim hobby, and we see no need to try to turn it into one.,, AvSim, etc. are all doing that and they are so much better at it than we could do, or have the time to do.  Instead we intended our website to be a place where you can download the work that we and other people have done together and also to see the future projects as they progress.

While it may be impossible to please everyone, we still try to offer things that at least appeals to everyone, no matter what type of flying or designing it is that makes FS their hobby.  If you are into aviation and flightsims, we hope you enjoy the site, and return! If you are interested in aerobatics, or concept aviation, or both, you have definitely come to the right place! 

Flightsim's have came and gone since we started out, and many more will come and go, but we have always, and will always be freeware. We fully support the payware community, and may occasionally do repaints for payware products, and even endorse and review them for other people, but if it is available on this website, it is 100% free. Always has been, always will be. We don't do this for the money, we do it for the enjoyment, and the sense of accomplishment, and user feedback is the only payment we ever really receive. Therefore it's always welcome,... are you, to our website!


We hope you enjoy the new look of the website, and please return for more downloads, flying stories, tall tales, lies, and whiskey!

Jason L. Terry
Joshua B. Nyhus
Mike Vivaldi
Brady Duros


The "A" Team (listed in descending order of sanity)
Joshua "Mongo" Nyhus - 26 - San Pedro, Ca.

Designer, modeler, scenery aircraft, web.
Web designer, aircraft & scenery design, painter & graphics.
Josh has been flightsimming since 1998 and designing since 2001 and is the guy partially responsible for the new look of this website. In real life, when he's not drinking Kahlua, or some tropical concoction, Josh is a professional photographer and web designer. Highly skilled at both.


"Comrade" Brady Duros - 26 - Seattle, Wa.

Painter, Beta tester, opinion giver, vodka retainer.
Nope, that's not Crockett from Miami Vice, it's our resident Jack of all Trades. Brady is a painter and beta tester amongst other things.  He's the one responsible for Logan Airlines, as well as organizing most of the real world aircraft we use occasionally. In real life has his business degree in aviation management. For reasons currently unbeknownst to us, it has not been possible to convince him that it is not 1987...


Mike "Captian Switch" Vivaldi - 27 - Oceanside, Ca.

Space case, designer, modeler, talking calculator.
Mike is our primary Orbiter guru and aids in the development of our space systems for the Orbiter Free Spaceflight Simulator, as well as an avid Microsoft Flightsimmer, scenery and aircraft designer, and fellow real world aviator. In real world aviation he is currently a commercial pilot and probably the cleanest living out of all of us. Claims he has never had a taste of alcohol and we believe him, but- if that leads you to believe he is the most normal person of this group - you would be very wrong!


Jason L. Terry - 33 - Margaritaville.

Ringleader, pyromaniac, punching bag, fixer.
We don't know why this guy's here. We can't seem to shake him and he drinks up all the booze. He's been flightsimming since 1994 and apparently the FAA decided he was sober enough to fly real planes in 1997. Evidently he has hopes to open a bar or be an Aerospace Engineer or something..  Currently he is an instrument rated private pilot, but working in the automotive field for some unknown reason.
He's also the wiseguy who wrote all the text you've been reading - Cheers!