Mojave Desert, California - United States.

by Josh Nyhus

Hawes AOF

Name Hawes Aer. Ops. Facility
Ident CA87
Location near Helendale, Ca.
Current version FSX
Focus UAV Development
  Remote Civi test site



Project Credits
Josh Nyhus
Jason L. Terry (FSX Conversion)

Hawes Aerial Operations Facility is a re-imagined version of an abandoned World War II auxiliary airstrip formerly known as Hawes AAF Aux #1. It was built in the mojave desert, just east of Edwards AFB (then Muroc AAF) during WWII as one of 4 satellite fields for Victorville AAF. After the war, Hawes as used as a private civilian airfield until it's closure in the early 1960's. It is now reborn in FSX as a UAV base by Nevada Systems. Due to it's location in the Mojave desert and the presence of many thermals in FSX, it was also used in production of the ARX-1 civilian glider concept.

This scenery uses many custom macros as well as default macros from the Acceleration Expansion Pack, which is required for best performance.

Hawes AOF for FSX









Airport Information
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency: 122.80

CA87 (elevation 2315 ft.)
Runway 17/35: 4500 ft. x 150 ft. (asphalt)
Runway 8/26: 1200 ft. x 100 ft. (dirt)
Variation: 13.6E
Aircraft capability: Up to and including Boeing 737s.

Instrument Approach: n/a

Past Projects
ARX-1 xStream - Flight Tested here, FSX.


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