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Design and development
The ARX-1 began as a nameless dual-fuselage glider concept first created in early 1998 with aircraft factory 5, and I had no intention of actually releasing it to the public, it was just something I fooled around with from time to time. I never had a particular interest in sailplanes, but I was really into RC flying at the time and I knew several people who were building RC sailplanes, and the glider concept for flightsim sort of grew out of that. After I had released some Extra 300's and Christen Eagle mods under the name Aeroworks in 1999, I decided to release some of my own designs, starting with what would become the ARX-1.

ARX-1 xStream
Role Sport/Aerobatic Glider
Introduced FS98
First release FS2000
Current version Version 2 for FSX
Models A-unpowered



Project Credits
Jason L. Terry
(All versions)
Brady Duros
German Paint Scheme for FSX

The ARX-3 Raptor is actually the first concept plane I designed, but since it was more complex, I decided to tackle the glider and ARX-2 first, since they were simpler to build and easier to finish, given the limitations of the Aircraft Factory design program.

The ARX-1A was released for FS98 and the ARX-1B powered version for FS2000 in the fall of 2000, followed up by the release of our base of operations Rio Palm Isle, in early 2001 where all of our early files were developed.

In 2001 we moved on to Malibu, and bigger and better things...

In 2006 we began working on the ARX-1 again, this time at Malibu, and it remained basically as a behind-the-scenes project coinciding with the first ARX-6 near the end of our FS9 days. After switching to FSX, other projects that had already been completed took precedence for updates into FSX, as they were further along. But now, the ARX-1 is back and better than ever.

ARX-1 Package for FSX 14.4MB

LENGTH: 26.6ft
HEIGHT: 7.2ft
WINGSPAN: 71.4ft
TOP SPEED: 157kts
LENGTH: 26.6ft
HEIGHT: 7.2ft
WINGSPAN: 71.4ft
POWERPLANT: Lycoming O-235
TOP SPEED: 157kts

Individual Aircraft Listing
  • N1AX
    • First flight: 3-29-00
    • Original release date: 11-26-00
    • Prototype aircraft in factory scheme
  • HB-SWS
    • First flight: 6-25-07
    • New for FSX


  • N104X
    • First flight: 12-1-12
    • New for FSX



Powered models


  • N1BX
    • First flight: 4-2-00
    • Original release date: 11-26-00
    • Prototype aircraft in factory scheme
    • New 2007 scheme added for FSX
  • N101X
    • First flight: 5-30-07
    • New for FSX


  • N102X
    • First flight: 11-10-12
    • New for FSX
    • Day-glo scheme
    • Sister ship to N601X and N502X


  • N103X
    • First flight: 8-13-08
    • New for FSX
    • Red Bull sister ship to N51RB and N170RB
    • Pilot Josh Nyhus


  • N151X
    • First flight: 11-19-12
    • New for FSX
    • Sister ship to N51MR
    • Pilot Josh Nyhus


  • D-COMI
    • First flight: 6-9-07
    • New for FSX
    • Pilot Brady Duros


  • HB-ARX
    • First flight: 12-1-12
    • New for FSX
    • Sister ship to HB-SWS


  • N101BX
    • First flight: 7-21-12
    • New for FSX
    • Factory paint kit (Photoshop PSD files included)



See Also
Rio Palm Isle - Scenery where the ARX-1 was developed in FS98/FS2000.
Malibu MotorSports - Where the ARX-1 was developed for FSX.
Hawes AOF - Where the ARX-1 partially flight tested in FSX.
ARX-6 Roadrunner - Formula One concept evolved from ARX-1 fuselage.


ARX-1A For FS98


ARX-1B for FS2000 110kb


























































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