White Sands
White Sands Missile Range, NM - United States.

White Sands, like Bonneville, is a not an Aeroworks project, but a side-project - an upgrade to the default scenery of fsx.

Shamrock 731 at WSSH, June 2013

STS-3 Columbia at WSSH 1982
White Sands Space Harbor (WSSH) - a former NASA training site and alternate space shuttle landing site. WSSH began as a 3200' airstrip founded by Northrop sometime in the late 40's. An early typo in a press release called it "Northrup" strip and the name stuck until NASA moved in and took over some time around 1976. Since 1978 it has been used as a space shuttle landing training site by NASA Gulfstream II's specifically modified to simulate a space shuttle on landing. Since 1979 it was on the books as an primary landing site for the space shuttle, along with the Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida, and Edwards AFB in California.

During mission STS-3 in 1982, the Florida runway was still being built, and the dry lake at Edwards AFB had become flooded and was unusable. Since it was very early in the space shuttle program, and normal runway landings hadn't yet been completed, Edwards main runway was passed over in favor of White Sands.

It would be the only time the space shuttle itself would use the strip...


Concept 903B #919 Dragon Rider at Stallion AAF - August 2013

Stallion Army Airfield (95E) - Stallion is an old AAF, used to support Stallion Range Center - the facility used to manage assets at the north end of White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). Several hundred people, ranging from security guards to engineers, work out of Stallion which is actually closer to Socorro, as opposed to White Sands/Alamogordo region. But since it is a part of the WSMR, I decided to upgrade it. It is very near the trinity site - where the first atomic bomb was detonated as part of the Manhattan Project.

Interesting tidbit for old-school science fiction fans: This is where the popular 90's TV show Quantum Leap took place.



Action Air 13 at Condron AAF - October 2013

Condron AAF (WSD) - Condron, is another old AAF used as a support strip for the southern end of WSMR. It is located just south of the military city of White Sands. Condron is a default airport upgrade, but the city of White Sands was originally left out of FSX default scenery entirely.



Action Air 47 at Oscura AAF - October 2013

Oscura AAF (80E) - Oscura is a much lesser known, lesser used outlying strip to the north east side of WSMR to support the Oscura Range Center. It has no real permanent facilities, but there is a fuel truck parked there. It is mainly just a staging area for operations going on in the WSMR.

White Sands for FSX -- 2Mb


Action Air 27 - Stallion AAF, October 2013

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