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FSX Stryker #303 at Lunar Lake, Nv. 2013

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Design and Development
The ARX-903 is a family of high-subsonic military stealth strike aircraft concepts, militarized as TR-3.

The TR-3 is a very old design in flightsim. It is loosely based off of reports from the 90's of the TR-3A Black Manta, an aircraft which I personally do not believe exists, but in the mid-1990s I thought it was a cool idea to play with nonetheless, and so I made one for FS. Back then, I always imagined it to be made by Northrop-Grumman, and rumors said it was somewhere between an F-117 and a B-2 in both size and capability. But rumors being what they are, tend to change...

ARX-903 Stryker
Role Tactical Recon/Strike
Introduced FS5
First release FS2000
Current version pending FSX
Models TR/A - GE 404 powered
TR/B - GE F118 powered
ER/C - Navy AWAC

Desert Knights Squadron logo


Project Credits

Jason L. Terry

Additional Skins Credits:

Josh Nyhus & Austin Gardner


Beta Test Credits

Nathan Rayl

Joshua Nyhus
Mike Vivaldi
Brady Duros
Joey Fedorchik


TR-3A Ship 300 in FS2000

Originally created as TR-3 for Flight Sim 5.0 it has gone through many versions. Through some sort of osmosis it has become an Aeroworks concept, and in FS2000 it was released as the TR-3A Stryker, and was our most popular concept for that sim. In FS9 however, it got upgraded with better engines and heavier fuel load, and higher top speed and became the TR-3B, and was once again, our most popular concept at the time. Later on an FS9 TR-3A was also available here exclusively on this website.

Ships #303 and #304, Lunar Lake 2005

For FSX we plan to release four versions, including the main TR-3B aircraft, two AWACS birds, and even the original TR-3A version in one all-inclusive package we call the Concept 903 with all the schemes from FS7, FS9 and some new ones as well as a layered paint kit.

Ship #308 War Dog II departing Echo Canyon 2013

Ship #318 Desert Express over Nevada 2013

Ship #316, gray paintkit 2013


Model A
The ARX903A (TR-3A) is the earliest model, only one ship. Powered by the same non-afterburning GE F404 turbofan used on the F-117A.

Model B
The TR-3B is an upgraded version of the TR-3A, it has different cockpit windows, nacelles, landing gear, and more powerful GE F-118 engines used on the B-2, which allows it to have a higher top speed and carry more munitions. It is the base model ARX-903 with over 15 ships.

Model C
The ER-3C is an TR-3B modified for AWACS use by the Navy, and while not carrier-based, can be carrier capable if the mission requires.

Model J
The ER-3J is the USAF AWACS version. No carrier capability.


See Also
Flight Center III, Echo Canyon, Nv.
- Scenery where the TR-3 was developed from FS7 through FSX.
Flight Center IV, Lunar Lake, Nv. - Main active base for operational TR-3, and home to Desert Knights squadron.
Borealis Operations Center, Banks Island, Canada - Operational Base for TR-3 squadron with CX tail code.


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