Lunar Lake, Railroad Valley region, Nevada - United States.
Aircraft Tailcode:

Lunar Lake, 2013...

Flight Center IV or "Area-B", is our Nevada base for operational production military aircraft. Area-B is to Area-A what a normal Air Force Base would be to Area 51. It's where we fly military planes of every conceivable type, our own designs included.

Captured MiG-21, Area-B -- 1999

Back in FS98 I was on the hunt for my own private "Area 51". I had picked three dry lake beds in central Nevada - one at Lunar Lake in Railroad Valley, one in Kawich Valley, and one at the extreme south of Railroad Valley on the Wilson Salt Flat. During FS98 those bases became Area B, Area C, and Area A, respectively. Area C was never really pursued, and was abandoned after FS98. Area B eventually became Flight Center IV.

AFC4 is loosely based off of the High-technology Aerospace Warfare Center (or HAWC) from the earliest Dale Brown novels - Flight of the Old Dog, Day of the Cheetah, Sky Masters, etc. (He uses the word Dreamland frequently, which suggests Area 51. But being a novel, and susceptible to the readers imagination, I always thought of it as some other place)


Lunar Lake, 1999


Name Flight Center IV
Tailcode BX
Ident AFC4
Nicknames Area-B, Facility 4, Lunar Lake
Location Railroad Valley, Nevada
Introduced FS2002
First release FS2002
Current version FSX
Focus Military aircraft training
  Weapons development
  Foreign Technology



Project Credits
Jason L. Terry
All versions

Beta Testers
(Version 1)
Joey Fedorchik
Drew Hosick
Alex Wolski
Alex Doerstling
Joshua Nyhus

(Version 2)
Joshua Nyhus
Brady Duros
Mike Vivaldi

Area-B Version 1, 2003

Though it originated in FS98, it wasn't until FS2002/CFS2 that this base had a dedicated central role - weapons development. During CFS2 this base was used as a place to create new weapons for that sim.

To date, it is our only scenery that is also compatible with CFS2.

Version 1 FS2002/CFS2 - 2.18MB


Version 2 FSX
(RRV2013 Package)
- 30Mb

Since Microsoft hasn't made a combat sim lately, Area B has sort of been limited as far as actually using weapons are concerned. But it still retains it's "weapons depot" look and feel. The entire Railroad Valley scenery area has undergone a bit of an upgrade since Area B's first release. A second version for FS2004 was planned but Area-A took so long that neither scenery ever got released. The positive side of this is that many new additions have been added to the whole area.  There is now a bombing range in the mountains to the north of the Lunar Lake base, and out in the Valley there is a massive dry lake bed where we have a "skid strip" with runways varying from 4 to 11 miles long, where we tested the SV Class shuttles we built originally for Battle of the Airlines 2003. Also there is a small space launch site in the middle of the Valley, directly north of Area A and directly east of Area-B for unmanned space missions in the Orbiter Space sim.

Railroad Valley Skid Strip, 2002.

Railroad Valley Skid Strip, 2011.

Area-B, 1999.

Area-B, 2011.

For FSX we release Area-B, along with our oldest and largest scenery Area-A in  Railroad Valley 2013, a full scenery download including both airports (and many more ouposts) all in the same package!

RRV 2013 for FSX -- 30Mb

Airport Information

AFC4 (elevation 5791 ft.)
Variation: 15E
Designated Helipads: 2
Runway 5/23: 10,000 ft. x 300 ft. (concrete)
Aircraft capability: limited only by runway length

Communications Frequencies
AWOS: 124.50
Bravo Tower: 124.00
Bravo Ground: 121.80

Navigation Frequencies
ILS IBX5: 111.50
ILS IBX2: 111.20
VOR RRV: 109.50

Instrument Approach: ILS5, ILS23

Aggressor Squadron hangar, 2013


Current Inventory
A-7D Corsair II
B-1B Lancer
B-52 Stratofortress
F-18C Hornet
Bell 206

Current Projects
TR-3B Stryker II - "Desert Knights" Squadron
Su-27 - "Aggressors" Squadron
Su-34 - "Aggressors" Squadron
YF-110 - captured MiG-21
YF-113 - captured MiG-23
C-5 Galaxy
A-10 Thunderbolt II
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