Echo Canyon, Railroad Valley region, Nevada - United States.
Aircraft Tailcode:

High on the desert plain...

Flight Center III, or "Area-A" if you prefer the old-school name, is our main flight test center for military and space operations. It is also the largest, most detailed scenery we've created to date, and contrary to it's numbering, it's also the oldest.

Back in FS98 I was on the hunt for my own private "Area 51". I had picked three dry lake beds in central Nevada - one at Lunar Lake in Railroad Valley, one in Kawich Valley, and one at the extreme south of Railroad Valley on the Wilson Salt Flat that the Red Flag pilots simply call "Bearpaw". On the map it was near a small wet lake called Echo Canyon reservoir, which didn't exist in FS98, but was a cool name for the base. During FS98 those bases became Area B, Area C, and Area A, respectively. Area C was never really pursued, and was abandoned after FS98. Area B eventually became Flight Center IV. Due to the size of the Bearpaw dry lake, Area-A became the largest of the three.


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FS98 Area-A -- 1999.


Name Flight Center III
Tailcode AX
Ident AFC3
Nicknames Area-A, Facility 3, Bearpaw
Location Echo Canyon, Nevada
Introduced FS2000
First release FS2000
Current version FSX
Focus Military aircraft development
  Flight testing
  Spacecraft development



Project Credits
Jason L. Terry
All versions
Josh Nyhus
Various macros, Version 3

Beta Testers
Version 1
Shawn Satterly
Josh Nyhus

Version 2

Joey Fedorchik
Drew Hosick
Alex Wolski
Alex Doerstling
Joshua Nyhus

Version 3
Joshua Nyhus
Brady Duros
Mike Vivaldi
Austin Gardner

This scenery was redesigned slightly and didn't really come about properly until FS2000, when I started working on the TR-3, SR-75 and other military projects. After releasing the TR-3A in early 2001, I finally got satisfied with the scenery and version 1 was released in September 2001 for FS2000.

Area-A - Version 1 for FS2000 -- 2001

In 2002, Area-A was revamped again, and almost doubled in size. A small weapons depot was added south of the TR-3 ramps, with a special hangar for arming/de-arming military planes. Also a new heliport was added to the south end of the base, and further south an RCS range was added for testing stealth aircraft designs. 

Version 1 FS2000 - 896kb

Version 2 FS2002 - 3.13MB

Version 3 FSX - 30MB

During 2003, Area-A was host of the final mission during Battle of the Airlines 2003 Moon Race, which coincided with the release of Version 2 for FS2002. Area-A was chosen because one of the craft in the race was a space shuttle of our design, called SV-1 Orion, and it was decided by the BOTA staff, that it would be cool to end the Battle of the Airlines where the shuttles were made. A slightly modified version of the scenery was used for that event. The standard version 2 was released April 2003.

SV-1 Orion, 2003

Like many of the aircraft based here, Area-A has been lost in development hell for quite some time. A version was nearly completed for FS2004, but then came FSX....and entirely new design/export methods for all those custom scenery object macros.


For FSX we release the newest and best version of our oldest and largest scenery area, combined with it's sister base up the road, Area-B, in Railroad Valley 2013, a full scenery download including both airports (and many more ouposts) all in the same package!

RRV 2013 for FSX -- 30Mb


Airport Information

AFC3 (elevation 4870 ft.)
Variation: 15E
Designated Helipads: 6
Main Operations Runways
Runway 35L/17R: 12,000 ft. x 150 ft. (concrete)
Runway 35R/17L: 10,000 ft. x 150 ft. (concrete)
Flight Test Runway
Runway 8/26: 15,200 ft. x 200 ft. (asphalt)
Spaceplane Runway
Runway 6/24: 20,000 ft. x 200 ft. (concrete)

Aircraft capability: any/all

Communications Frequencies
ATIS: 122.30
Desert Tower: 123.00
Desert Ground: 121.70

Navigation Frequencies
ILS AX35: 109.10
ILS AX17: 109.15
ILS AX24:  108.15
ILS AX06: 108.10
VOR AFC3: 108.00
NDB XRDS [Crossroads]: 235.0 Khz
NDB ECHO [Echo]: 217.0 Khz
NDB RVLE [Reveille]: 206.0 Khz
NDB HBLT [Humboldt]: 224.0 Khz

Instrument Approach: ILS35L, ILS17R, ILS6, ILS24, ILS24-Switch 26
Instrument Arrivals: Crossroads One, Reveille Six, Echo Arrival, Humboldt Arrival
Instrument Fixes: PYRRO, MONGO, LOGAN, SWICH

Wind turbines installed on "Fang Ridge" - 2003


Current Inventory
Learjet 45
Boeing 737-800
Bell 206


Current Projects
SV Class Shuttles - Being developed here, for Orbiter.
Phoenix Launch System - Being Developed here, for Orbiter.
Mongo Maneuvering Unit - Being Developed here, for Orbiter.
TR-3B Stryker II
- Developed here FS2004, currently for FSX.
ER-3J Stinger - Being developed here, for FSX.

Recurring Projects - In development hell, somewhere on these grounds.
SR-75 Valkyrie II
XR-7 Firehawk
F-25 Shark
ARX-907 Wildcat II
B-5 Cobra
SR-91 Shadow

Past Projects
TR-3A Stryker - developed here, FS2000, FS2004.
TR-3B Stryker II - developed here FS2004,
currently for FSX.
Convair 880 "Mark II refit" - Developed here FS2004.


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