Because we do toy around with the default aircraft from time to time, here are some of our own repaints we've made of the default FSX aircraft.

Some aircraft have their own page, where you can find the download. Click on the Title or the pic to enter.
Beechcraft Be-58 Baron
"Malibu Minstrel"

*Only available on this website*
North American P-51 Mustang
Four-Ship MMS Package
"Silver Bullet"
"Black Magic"
"Malibu Mistress"
"Malibu Marauder"
Includes optional improved ground handling mod
Extra Flugzeugbau Extra 300S

Coming soon...2013
Douglas DC-3
"Big Bertha"

*Only available on this website*


Military Birds of Railroad Valley
Bombardier Learjet 45
ARX Tech. Corp -
Dynasty 45

*Only available on this website*
Agusta-Westland EH-101
Echo Canyon SAR -
Action Air 71

MDD Boeing F/A-18C Hornet
Desert Knights Squadron
Bluestreak 187

MDD Boeing F/A-18C Hornet
Chase Aircraft
Bluestreak 181
Alert Fighter Bluestreak 202

Boeing 737-800
ARX Transport
Red Rock
Avionics Testbed

*Only available on this website*

Bell 206 Jetranger
Desert Ops -
Action Air 26
Black Ops -
Action Air 99

* Only available on this website!*

Bell 206 Jetranger Camo Pack
Arctic Ops
- Action Air 28
Gray Camo - Action Air 29
Black Ops II -
Action Air 13
Desert Ops II - Action Air 27
Royal Air Force I - Air Force 61
Royal Air Force II - Air Force 62
Royal Australian AF - Action Air 32

* Only available on this website!*


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