uncharted waters, Bermuda Triangle region
Atlantic Ocean

...an island without name...

"The Island" is our first released scenery area. It was commissioned as "Liberty Island" by a friend of mine for his helicopter virtual airline during FS98 and for a long time was available only through the VA and was located just off the coast of Washington state. Therefore it has always been oriented around multiplayer flying.


"the island"

Name none official
Ident AFC1
Nicknames Rio Palm Isle, Facility 1
Location none official
Introduced FS98
First release FS2000
Current version FS2000
Focus Aircraft Development
  Civil (occasional Military)



Project Credits
Jason L. Terry
Nathan Rayl





Eventually we decided it would be an interesting move to isolate it out in the Bermuda Triangle and convert into what we called a "flight center"...not so much an airport, but an entire environment oriented around every aspect of flying, and every part of an aircraft from production to flight test to joyriding. He said I needed a custom airport anyway, for those weird planes I was into creating. I wanted a place that's photogenic from any angle, so as to look good in screenshots, but also to have enough infrastructure to be useable on a daily basis and yet be multiplayer friendly. Thus the "Flight Center" motif began. As did the recurring theme of putting hidden easter eggs in our sceneries. They're always fun in online multiplayer sessions, and the island hosted many in it's heyday.

The "Racetrack Island" was the first of many hidden easter eggs in our sceneries!

The airport currently has two paved runways and one gravel runway. In recent years, the airport has been left derelict, given the difficulties of creating an island using the Land/Water Masking techniques native to all FS versions since FS8. Aparently microsoft didn't think anyone would want to put an island where there isn't one in real life...but this is Aeroworks -- we have strange needs. As a scenery design, it's admittedly sort of an exercise in newbie-ism - it was created by a 16 year old and an 18 year old, neither of which knew anything about airport planning or design and only one was even a private pilot. And we weren't about to make a minimalist statement either, we wanted a place that was over-the-top flashy, and fun to fly in. A place that you could fly once, and remember it. And to most of us who ever flew in any of the numerous multiplayer sessions here, this place is our favorite flightsim relic... it's kept on this site for posterity.


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Virtually all aerobatic planes on the internet created by Mikko Maliniemi and myself for FS98 and FS2000 were either tested or created here during that time.


Flight Center I

FS2000 only - 849kb












Leaving the Island, 2001.

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