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ARX-2 buzzes a very early version of the Malibu flight center.

ARX-2 Tri-Star
Role Recreational aircraft
Introduced FS2000
First release FS2000
Current version pending FSX redesign
Models prototype only




Project Credits
Jason L. Terry





Design and development
The Concept II is an experimental recreation aircraft with a swept wing planform with outboard vertical tails and forward mounted canards. It was originally created alongside the glider early in 2000 with BAO's Flight Shop (Aircraft Factory 5)  and designed for FS2000. Although the ARX-1 and ARX-2 were both created at the same time, the ARX-2 first flew 3 months after the ARX-1 and was released 1 month after the ARX-1.

It has a mid-mounted engine located right at the center of gravity (CG) and uses a drivetrain mechanism (similar to the P-39 Aircobra) to spin the rear-mounted push prop.  The drivetrain system is rare in fixed wing general aviation applications, and not much more common among military fixed wing aircraft either.  However it is widely used on rotary wing aircraft.

Since the Raptor and glider were older designs of mine, the ARX-2 is actually the first true "ARX" concept created with the intent for public release. It's also the first appearance of many "trademarks" that are the essence of our group: The kitplane look, push prop, canards, and mounting the engine at or very near the CG, would all be used again and again. In an extreme example, the SR-75 -a different aircraft in almost every way- even shows some family resemblance with this concept. Even the Tri-Star logo eventually became the logo for the whole group, and the designation would eventually grow way beyond it's original intent: Aeroworks Recreational Experimental,...ARX.

In an oddball way this plane, simple as it was, is what got everything really going...

Versions & Downloads
The Concept II is currently available in only one model, one scheme, and intended for just one flightsim version at the moment, FS2000. As with the ARX-1, there are plans to update the ARX-2 at some point in the near future. A 2-seater B model is also planned, but no release dates are in mind.

ARX-2 For FS2000 226kb





LENGTH: 26ft


POWERPLANT: Lycoming 360

Empty Weight: 1500lbs.

TOP SPEED: 280kts

Cruise Speed: 220kts

PRODUCTION: prototype only

Individual Aircraft Listing

Version 1 in FS2000

  • N2JT
    • First flight: 6-29-00
    • Original release date: 12-16-00
    • Prototype aircraft in factory scheme


See Also
Flight Center II, Malibu, Ca. - Scenery where the ARX-2 was developed in FS2000.


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