Death Valley, California - United States.

A home on the range...

The Outpost at Death Valley is our first released "outpost" style scenery. It was originally created for FS2004 by Josh Nyhus, primarily for use in testing the ARX-6 Roadrunner at lower altitudes. Typically Formula 1 air racing is done in Reno Nevada, where the elevation is already around a mile above sea level. This inhibits performance on a normally aspirated engine like the O-200's that the F1's are required to use. So we thought it would be interesting to make an F1 course as low as possible - we could have just put one anywhere near Malibu, like our test track, but there isn't a lot of flatland around there (which is what makes the Test Track interesting) but we wanted to make a regulation F1 course -- the LOWEST one in the world...

Death Valley

Name Death Valley Outpost
Ident L51
Nicknames Roadrunner Ranch
Location Death Valley NP, Ca.
First release FS2004
Current version FSX
Focus Race aircraft flight test
  Desert retreat
  Filming location



Project Credits
Josh Nyhus
Jason L. Terry (FSX Conversion)

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Death Valley Outpost
version 2 for FSX



Since there's no way an F1 racer would make it to Death Valley from Malibu, and still have fuel to race and fly back...that meant we'd need some facilities. So Death Valley became our first public outpost.

 Usually we save "Outposts" for Easter Eggs - throwing them in with a scenery release and not mentioning it just to see if anyone finds it. But since Josh created this one, and we all liked it so much, it became a filming location before the plane was released. The "Rusty Cage part 1" video on YouTube and SimTube had several people asking about the scenery we used in it, so we decided to release it on it's own.


Airport Information
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency: 122.80

L51 (elevation -200 ft.)
Runway 30/12: 3000 ft. x 100 ft. (dirt)
Variation: 15E
Aircraft capability: DC-3, small turbines

Instrument Approach: n/a


Past Projects
ARX-6 Roadrunner - Flight Tested here, FS2004.


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